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  • Plus Skin Nourishing Program – 175 g


    The ultimate luxurious skin care formula is Shalife Plus Skin Nourishing Program. This formula combines plant ingredients and advanced techniques to create a system that enhances the skin in every way. It includes a built-in emollient system and antioxidants so that it can strengthen your skin, making it appear and feel firmer and more supported….

  • Galimard Perfume – 30 ml


    Complete your beauty routine with a spritz of Shahnaz Husain Signature Perfume. This exclusive perfume is created by Gallimard, a leading perfume maker located in Grasse, France. With an exotically earthy fragrance and distinct floral notes, you will smell romantic and unforgettable. Bergamot, caramel, lilac, and ylang ylang make up the top notes. Meanwhile, the…

  • Shahenna Plus Hair Cleanser Normal To Oily Hair – 1000 ml.


    Naturally stop hair fall using Shahenna Plus Hair Cleanser. This cleanser utilizes the medicinal properties of Ayuverdic extracts and natural ingredients like Arishtak, Brahmi, Henna, Lemon, Mint, and Shikakai to fortify hair, prevent dandruff, and minimize hair loss.   Benefits – Nourishes scalp to prevent hair fall – Prevents dandruff flakes – Revitalizes scalp health…

  • Platinum Ultimate Cellular Skin Recharge Mask – 50 Gm


    Description Get clearer, younger skin with Shahanz Husain’s Platinum Ultimate Cellular Skin Recharge Mask. This luxurious skin treatment easily absorbs into skin so to moisturize and nourish skin. The platinum solution blends aloe vera, cucumber seeds, ginseng, and rose to help beautify your skin, leaving it clear and radiant.   Benefits – Clears complexion –…

  • Oxygen Plus Skin Cream 500 Gm


    Revitalize your skin using Oxygen Plus Skin Cream. This cream utilizes advanced techniques and precious ingredients to add an oxygen layer to your skin, promoting a radiant glow. Plant extracts like aloe vera juice, babchi, cucumber, khus, olive oil, shea butter, and wheatgerm oil aid the oxygen layer so that your skin experiences instant revitalization….